A Message from the Fire Marshal

-Brett Lacey, Fire Marshal Colorado Springs Fire Department

"Defending against wildfire is everybody's responsibility. The work you do on your property goes beyond reducing your own risk; it also impacts your neighbors. Your efforts to mitigate your property ahead of time will improve firefighter safety in the event of a wildfire."

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How do you reduce your wildfire risk?

As told by the Colorado Springs Fire Dpartment

  1. Create a defensible space around your home. Colorado Springs Fire Department recommends thinning out 30 feet or to your property line, whichever comes first. 
  2. Keep rain gutters clear of leaves and pine needles.
  3. Do not store combustibles on or under decks, including firewood. 
  4. Rake up pine needles and leaves within 30 feet of any structure.
  5. Select plant species with fire-resistant characteristics.
  6. Keep grasses mowed to a maximum height of 4 inches.
  7. Incorporate landscape designs to break up fuel continuity (i.e. paths, rock walls, gravel mulch.)
  8. Keep address clearly marked and visible from both directions of traffic (Firefighters can't help you if they can't find you.)
  9. Prune lower branches. Removing ladder fuels will help keep the fire from getting into the crowns of trees. Remove dead or diseased trees and brush. 
  10. When making home improvements or repairs, consider wildfire safety. Install Class-A-roofing and fire-resistant siding and decking. 

Prevent Fires From Engulfing Your Yard

Ask about our fire mitigation service in Colorado Springs, CO

Overgrown bushes and trees can be a fire hazard if the ground gets too dry. King Tree Service provides fire mitigation services to eliminate this threat. We'll clear space between your landscape and your home to work as a buffer.

Fire mitigation has become a crucial part of lawn care services during the dry months in Colorado Springs, CO. Help protect your home by scheduling fire mitigation service today.